Booking for the USA – Merrick Jarmulowicz


at the dojo records…home to upcoming fu manchu re-issues Providing the Fu’s merchandise.

Fu Manchu plays Ampeg’s, dan armstrong guitars and basses. check them out here and with their guitars, the band uses seymour duncan pickups.

The amps that provide the sound of Fu Manchu is the legendary Marshall.

Reeder’s Drum Site

Some amazing instrument cables that Fu Manchu use are Planet Waves Cables and Spectrafle Cables.

The band wears Vans clothing and has been wearing their shoes since the early 70’s. Shoes-Snowboards-And-Clothes, check em out here.

Fu Manchu like to wear Initium Sunglasses.

Gravity Longboard Skateboards
Yeti Skate Shop

Dogtown and Z Boys. The movie about the early 70’s era skateboarding. it has to do with guys like tony alva (the skateboarder on the cover of our action is go record) stacey peralta, alot of early influential skateboarders. A very cool movie.

Vintage Tone Project

Creepy Finger Effects – InstagramTwitter

Great gig artist Derek Hess

Horror T-Shirts :: FRIGHT-RAGS :: The best in horror t-shirts!

Bands that Fu Manchu Dig
The Adolescents Official Site

Corrosion of Conformity The Official COC Site

Brant Bjork’s Record Label Duna Records

Very good friends of Fu Manchu, Fireball Ministry

Good Friends of Brad Davis’, Gorilla

Brad Davis’ own “Davis”

There can be only one band named Clutch, and their site is called Pro-Rock

Hailing from San Francisco ACID KING. A band that Fu Manchu have played with many times, and think are cool.

.: Easy Action Detroit :. – Easy Action – best band around right now!